Hubitat Dashboard - for viewing Hubitat Hub devices on an Android device

A native Android app for viewing and controlling your Hubitat Hub devices. It's primarily intended for a wall mounted tablet but works for phones and tablets alike.
My goal with this project is to create a dashboard with a great interface that's easy to get started with. No need to create a custom dashboard to see your devices.

  • Easy to login - The app can find your Hub and login automatically
  • Full screen (immersive) interface - no status bar or navigation arrows in the way
  • Keep the screen on - full brightness during user-configurable hours (ie: 8 AM - 10 PM). Outside of those hours the screen will go off and will turn back on again
  • Multiple sort order options plus custom drag and drop sorting
  • Adjust the tile size. The tiles will always fill the space uniformly
  • Consistent user interface (on/off icons, status, battery, temp, etc)
  • Works on older Android devices - down to 4.4 (KitKat)
  • All traffic is LOCAL to your network. No 3rd party server is used. There is also a remote access option (uses cloud.hubitat.com) that can be setup for use outside the house.
  • FAST - This isn't another dashboard in a browser. device updates shouldn't force the entire screen to be refreshed. This is where my 20+ years of mobile development experience can really help.
  • Free - No Ads - Once things are stable I'd like to make it open source. I won't charge anyone to use this app.

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